Does Microsoft backup your Office 365 data?

No, there is a very common misconception that Microsoft takes care of everything. This perception puts your critical data and entire business at considerable risk. It is true that they take care of the physical cloud infrastructure and connectivity to give you a very reliable service. However, your data stored in their cloud is YOUR responsibility. You need to ensure that your Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint and OneDrive data are adequately protected.

Why Backup your Office 365 data?

Accidental Deletion

Version history and recycle bins can only offer basic protection. There is also the issue of what happens if a user account is deleted. If it is purged from the Office 365 database, it cannot be recovered.

Retention Policy

Office 365 has a very basic and rigid retention policy and is simply not designed for all scenarios. If deleted data has fallen outside of the retention period, it has gone forever.

Malicious Employees

It is possible for a rogue employee to delete incriminating emails and files to hide their tracks. It may be many months before the issue is discovered, and by then it may be too late to recover data.


A new and emerging issue is “ransomcloud”. This threat has the ability to encrypt emails held on public cloud systems and hold your data to ransom. Cloud vendors are often slow to react to these new and dynamic threats.

Legal & Compliance

Certain organisations need to store data for many years in order to comply with laws and regulations. Law enforcement may request access to this data and non-compliance may lead to fines and unwanted litigation.

Avoid Dependency

It is not a good idea to keep your critical business data with a single cloud vendor, even if it is a large and well known brand. If there is an issue with availability, you need to ensure you can recover your data quickly.

How Herons IT Office 365 Backup Works

Setup in minutes

The Office 365 backup service is completely web based. There is no software to install. Your credentials are required once to connect securely to your Office 365 account.

Fast, granular recoveries

Backups are performed multiple times per day and only need to send changed/new files. The backup software connects to Office 365 and downloads the data to your location. These files are then encrypted and sent directly to our UK data centre.

Cost effective & easy to use

Onedrive files/folders, SharePoint and mailbox data can be recovered using the intuitive software. You can even recovery individual emails from a mailbox and recover them directly back into Outlook.

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